Top Geography Websites for Teachers

NOTE: I will be continually adding to this list of websites.

Scottish CfE – Geography

Perth Academy, Geography Pupil Materials – I have come to really value the resources posted by the Geography department at Perth Academy. Check out their website to see how you should be organising your Nat 3 – Higher Courses.

Mapping & Charts

National Geographic Interactive Map Maker – This tool is amazing as it allows you to choose from 7 different base maps from topographic to satellite before allowing you to superimpose 98 data layers over the top, including: CO2 emmisions, natural disaster hotspots, different food productions and land cover.

Uk and Ireland Weather Charts Magic Seaweed offer a great service (aimed at surfers!) which shows pressure charts, in 3 hour increments, for the following 7 days.

Zee maps map creator


Geograph – an ambitious but successful attempt to collect photographs of every square km of Britain. Displayed on an OS map most squares are complete and have multiple images. Great for comparing OS maps to their real locations.


Geography Soup – a collection of short films curated for Geography teacher.

Minute Earth – youtube videos about science and stories about our awesome planet.

Bitesize – All GSCE topics including: coasts, development, ecosystems, glacial landscapes and processes, globalisation, climate change, population, weather and climate and many more!

National Geographic – Use the categories or search bar to explore the huge range of videos offered. Whilst no specifically aimed at teaching/education NG, their “environmental” and “people & culture” videos are particularly useful.

General Information

Encyclopedia Britannia – Great for searching for information if wikipedia isn’t your thing. More appropriate for older year groups.


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