My Bucket List Poem

As part of my Bucket List for 2015 I decided to write a poem. Having not written anything remotely poem like, at least since school, I thought it would be fun to challenge my creativity. Since committing to the task I have found lines popping into my head in the most unpoetic of places; whilst commuting, in school (teaching),  even at the gym – all of which I record in my phone.

After a month I found myself with enough material to bash together something I’m not entirely ashamed of. At this point I should point out there are undertones of “love” within my piece. You have been warned…

We’re dawn and dusk,

not night and day,

nor white and black,

more shades of grey.

Where one begins,

the other ends,

a seemless loop,

not straights, all bends.

All and none,

ying and yang,

a mix of spice,

a citrus tang.

My greatest love,

My closest friend,

I’ll stand by your side,

Until the end.

Viola. Now that that part of my bucket list is over I think something more manly is in order. Sleeping on top of a mountain anyone?


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