Buckets I’ve Kicked

If you’ve been following my 2015 bucket kicking adventure so far then you’ve arrived at my trophy page. If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about start here. At this point I’m amazed how positive the whole experience has been and I’ve only just started. I’m super duper excited to see what the rest of my bucket’s hold.

So far (end of Feb) I’m doing ok with 3 buckets in progress and 3 completed, but with 28 still to go I really better get a move on.

1. Have a sleepover at a friends – 30/01/15 – I had a manly sleepover  (with whiskey) at my childhood best friend John’s in Glasgow. It was amazing.

2. Eat a completely new food – 31/01/15 – whilst visiting my friends AMAZING “The Project Cafe” I ate some amazing (new) french food, that embarrasingly I can’t remember the name of. More info to follow.

3. Write a poem – 23/02/15 – This was one I thought I would be completing hurriedly at the end of December. But low and behold I managed it, check out the results here.


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