2015’s Bucket List

I decided this year to forgo the usual new years resolutions and subsequent failure that usually follows. Instead I have decided to create a bucket list of sorts. Now I know, strictly speaking, it’s not a bucket list as I won’t be ‘kicking the bucket’ anytime soon (or I hope not!). This list will instead be a selection of things that I want to do before 2015 kicks the bucket. Throughout the year I plan on trying to complete as many things from the list below as I can. I’ll mark them off on this page – with a corresponding one line comment with the who/what/why/where/when details (and maybe even a pic). So wish me luck and if anyone fancies helping me complete any of the list get in touch :).

Buckets to Kick

  1. Visit a new Uk City
  2. Go camping
  3. Travel from coast to coast in Scotland (under my own steam)
  4. Swim in a new river
  5. Swim in a new Loch
  6. Eat a 3 course dinner in reverse
  7. Watch the sunrise in a foreign country
  8. Watch a sunrise in this country – DONE
  9. Cycle more than 60 miles in a day (off-road)
  10. Cycle more than 60 miles in a day (road)
  11. Climb at least 4 Munro’s (including Ben Nevis)
  12. Hitchhike (return trip)
  13. Complete my ‘1 hour from my door’ photo challenge (more details to follow)
  14. Give blood
  15. Write a poem (gulp) – DONE
  16. Learn a new song on the guitar – DONE
  17. Bake a cake completely on my own
  18. Go horse riding
  19. Throw a dart at a map of Scotland and travel to wherever it lands
  20. Graduate from university
  21. Enter a sports event
  22. Whittle something
  23. Go fishing
  24. Sleep out on a Mountain
  25. Make a fire on a beach
  26. Eat a completely new food – DONE
  27. Make a Jam/Chutney/Preservative/Pickle
  28. Climb the highest hill in the Pentlands
  29. Read 3 books
  30. Write 20 blob posts
  31. Volunteer (1 day min)
  32. Have a sleepover with/at a friends – DONE
  33. Eat Maine Lobster
  34. Watch a debate in the Scottish Parliament

Check out my “Buckets in Progress” and why not have a look at the “Bucket’s I’ve Kicked” so far to see how I’m getting on.

Keep Calm Bucket


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