Walking Series: Ben Rinnes

72% Geographisethis Rating

Team: Jungle Dave (my dad) & me.

For the past month I have had the pleasure and privilege of living back home with my folks whilst I complete a teaching placement. At the start of my stay I sat down with my dad and we made a pact to head into the hills to explore every weekend we had free. So low and behold, a week later we were getting booted and appropriately suited to head up our first hill, Ben Rinnes.

Getting ready for the off.
Getting ready for the off. (Click on any of the pics to see them full size)
My old man getting ready for a brisk march to the top.
Views looking to the east towards Aberdeen.

As we set off it was clear that the weather was against us. Whilst it was dry it was also very very windy with the wind blowing straight at us on the way up. Luckily it is an easy walk to the summit. Categorised as a Corbet (Scottish Hill 760m-910m) Ben Rinnes is 840m with a wide, well maintained path to the peak.

As you can see from the pictures, Ben Rinnes is relatively featureless on the way up, covered entirely in heather. But once you get to the top things start to get more interesting.

Jungle Dave and myself, looking far too matchy.
Recreating the Kiera Knightly Pride and Prejudice scene in HIGH winds.
Some amazing geology on top.

As we reached the summit, after an hour ‘climb’, the wind got stronger and stronger. My dad agreed to pose on top of various rock outcrops to try and illustrate this. Whilst climbing up a particularly dramatic looking feature I must admit I was a little concerned about the climb/wind but luckily everything went well and I got the shot of him lying on top.

Taking a short break on the way down.

As we turned and headed back to the car we decided to loop off path which turned out to be a great move. The spongy moss and heather were perfect for mini breaks during the return trip and we made it back to the car with big grins.

All in all Ben Rinnes is a nice little hill and great for a 2-3 hour jaunt. I wouldn’t travel a long distance to visit, but if you’re in the area  it’s definitely worth considering. I would actually recommend it more when the weather is a bit stormy and wild – as this definitely adds a degree of adventure to this otherwise tame walk. I would also advise hitting the hill early to beat the ‘crowds’ as although we were the first to arrive, by the time we got back to our car at least 7 other groups were up on the hill.

To read more about this walk check out the fantastic Walk Highlands website with lots of maps, route guides and more reviews.


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